Khaptad, Nepal's newest park area, is in the middle hills of the Far-west of teh country. The 225 sq kms. area of teh park is situated where the districts of Bajhang, Bajura, Doti and Achham meet. khaptad is plateau of grassaland and forest cover at an elevation of about 3,000 meters. The mixed conifer and broad-leaf forests are an excellent example of the vegetation that once covered much of west Nepal's middle hills. The forest consists of a mixture of tall fir, yew, rhododendron, oak, dense strands of bamboo and smaller shrubs. This habitat provides good cover for bear, leopard, barking and musk deer, as well as birds like the impeyan koklas and kalij pheasants.

This park is special because it represents one of the few remaining mid-mountain ecosystems in Nepal Himalaya. At the north-eastern corner of the park, a small serene lake and swampy area called Khapted Daha is religious site where Hindu pilgrims come to worship Shiva on the full moon of July-August each year. Here lived the ascetic, the Khaptad Baba, who was known and revered throughout Nepal

Entry fee per person per Entry:

For Nepalese Nationals, Free
For SAARC Nationals, Rs. 100/-
Fro other foreign Nationals, Rs. 1,000/-
(Note; Entrance fee not required for children under 10 years).
Filming permit fee (Documentary Films):
For Nepalese nationals, Rs. 5,000/-
Fro SAARC nationals, Rs. 25,000/-
For other Foreign Nationals, equivalent national currency of US $ 1,000/-
Helicopter Landing (Per Landing), Rs. 2,000/-


The easiest access is to fly to Dipayal or Chainpur or Sanfebagar of kolti from where it is a few days hike to the national park. It is also possible to drive to silgadi from Dhangadi. The best time to visit Khaptad is in March and April and in October and november.Travelers should hike with camping equipment, food and guides, arranged through trekking agents in Kathmandu.

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